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ONE® Condoms Celebrates Foreskin Day

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BOSTON (April 4th, 2024) ONE® Condoms is celebrating April 4th’s Foreskin Day by sharing resources and condom advice inspired by their customers. ONE® is closing the “Foreskin Gap” by debunking common misconceptions, solving condom fit challenges, and sharing advice through their Foreskin Pleasure Enhancement Guide. Through this effort, ONE®’s goal is to also address the stat that 33% of people with a foreskin report they have been treated differently by a sexual partner as a result

“We’ve always been a brand that believes in starting conversations in an open, honest, and positive way. Customers with a foreskin frequently reach out to us for advice. When researching into the topic, we quickly realized there’s a ‘Foreskin Gap’ when it comes to modern sexual health and condom education,” said Noah LeBlanc, ONE®’s resident Size Specialist. “We knew it was time to kick off our Foreskin Action Plan. Luckily, a wonderful trait about our customer base is that they give amazing advice, so it all started with a survey.”

79% of people with a foreskin had difficulty with condoms. Condom graphics where 79 are filled in.

Of the 79 percent of people who’ve had difficulty using condoms with their foreskin, 27 percent reported that condoms bunched up in their foreskin, creating friction and leading to slippage and even breakages. For a lot of people this issue was exacerbated by improperly fitting condoms. Regular condoms are too tight for 70 percent of people, and a condom that doesn’t allow for breathing room is more likely to become entangled in the foreskin and constrict movement. That’s why so many of the people surveyed preferred the MyONE® Custom Fit™ lineup of 52 condom sizes; they were able to find a FitCode that enabled them to enjoy the natural gliding action of their foreskin without having to worry about friction and breakages. Their experience was further enhanced by adding some extra lubricant in the tip of the condom prior to putting it on.

For those who experience a proper fit with standard sized condoms, survey respondents loved the thinner and extra lubricated styles such as Vanish®Super Sensitive, Flex, and UltraFeel®. Varieties with extra space at the tip, such as Pleasure Plus®, are a great option for the 26 percent of survey respondents who have experienced constricted movement of the foreskin with other condoms. As one customer says, “I like that the tip has more room for my foreskin to move naturally, without feeling tight or constricted. Makes it so that I can feel the gliding sensation while I'm having sex, which is great.”

Beyond condom recommendations, ONE® is also celebrating the beauty of all penises – foreskin or no foreskin. The Foreskin Survey found that 33% of people with a foreskin said they have been treated differently by a sexual partner as a result. So much of the stigma surrounding foreskins is reinforced and spread through popular media portrayals. That’s why ONE® put together a guide debunking misconceptions, and tips inspired by customer feedback on how to pleasure those with a foreskin.

“One of the most amazing things about sexual health education is that the field is always evolving. We’re always looking to improve our outreach and our resources by bringing more voices and perspectives into the conversation. Foreskin Day is another important piece of our decades’ long commitment to community, creativity, and conversation,” said LeBlanc.  

Customer feedback from our Foreskin Survey:   

“The most important thing that helped me was learning that foreskins are not weird, dirty, or ugly. Bullying is a problem for some people with foreskins, especially in younger ages, and this can cause lasting trauma that affects us when we start having sex. It is important to explain that foreskins are functional, provide pleasure, and look awesome!”
“Because it's so common to be circumcised in America, many partners don't know how to work with it, usually ending in them being WAY too rough and causing pain.”
“It's nice when foreskin can move while using condoms. Lube is important inside the condom.”
"On the negative side I have had female friends who have been pretty outspoken about their dislike of the appearance of uncut penises. Which kind of sucks hearing a friend trash talk about people like yourself even when it’s not directed at you."

“People need to know that foreskin makes no negative effect on sex, and it makes masturbation simpler actually.”

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