Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction. GUARANTEED.

myONE is all about finding the perfect fit for you. Why settle for anything less?

We’re confident you’re going to love myONE Perfect Fit condoms. That’s why we offer a free sample kit—to make sure you find the condom that’s just right for you BEFORE you buy. And when you find the perfect size, the shipping is on us. 

Here’s our formula for 100% satisfaction:

  • It’s all about the perfect fit. 10 lengths. 9 widths. 52 sizes.
  • Start out with a free sample kit to confirm your size. Try before you buy.
  • None of the samples fit quite right? We’ll send a free sample kit of another size, based on your experience.
  • Free shipping. Discreet packaging.

Guess what else we guarantee? Your privacy.

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