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What are Flavored Condoms?

 What Are Flavored Condoms Used For?

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Whether you’re browsing the aisles of your local drug store or pharmacy, or doing a bit of online sleuthing to arm yourself with the latest information, one thing that becomes abundantly clear is that there are many different types of condoms out there! One of the more exciting and interesting types of condoms are flavored condoms. 

Even though some of the flavors offered may sound very tasty, please do not eat them! That would be very unpleasant, and would likely signal the end of your sexual encounter and a trip to urgent care. Now, all jokes aside, flavored condoms are great for a variety of different sexual activities and can be a great addition to your sexual experiences! Let’s discuss.


Brief Refresher

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To kick things off, we can give you a quick refresher on flavored condoms – who knows, we might even leave you feeling minty fresh (that’s hint for later *wink*). Here are a few of the foundational facts about flavored condoms and sexual health in general:

  • Flavored condoms are as reliable and safe as standard condoms, and can be relied on for the same increased protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy, let’s start there!
  • It should also be noted that all flavored condoms are not the same.  Some flavored condoms have sugars and sweeteners. The benefit is they taste super yummy and sweet. But they are usually not recommended for vaginal sex, as sweeteners in the vagina can cause yeast infections. On the other hand, some flavored condoms are more scented and do not contain actual sugars. The benefit is those can be used for vaginal sex because they do not contain sugars that would alter pH levels in the vagina. However, the flavor is not always as sweet & punchy as flavored condoms that do contain sugars. It’s really about what you’re looking for! Our ONE® FlavorWaves condoms do not contain any sugars or sweeteners for that exact purpose. When you’re checking out flavored condoms, you can always reach out to the manufacturer to learn more about their flavored condoms and whether they contain sugars or sweeteners.
  • You can use condoms for every form of sexual activity in your repertoire, and sexperts recommend considering condom use for oral sex – more on that here. You can also use flavored condoms for anal or vaginal sex, if you enjoy that too!
  • Any latex condom, including flavored condoms, should not be paired with oil-based lubricants like vaseline, lotions or creams – if you want to deep dive into more about lube, we have compiled some helpful information here
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be transmitted between partners based on physical contact, including but not limited to the genital area of the body and mucous membranes (e.g. parts of the mouth, penis, vagina and anus) and through bodily fluids, like semen, vaginal fluid, and blood.
  • All the same general guidelines apply for flavored condom use, as they would for standard condom use – check out some of our tips and tricks here!

So, what does that mean for you and your partners? Here’s the bottom line: when performing oral sex – whether giving or receiving oral sex – flavored condoms can provide additional protection against STIs while enhancing the overall experience for you and your partner(s).

We want to give a nod to dental dams as a great safer sex option for oral sex on a vulva or anus (we even have a how-to here on how to make a dental dam out of a standard external condom). And if you are performing oral sex on a partner with a penis, condoms are ultimately the best option. Why? They are more secured and fitted, they more completely cover any exposed skin of the shaft and they can collect any bodily fluids like pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum) or semen.

Looking for a bit more information, like FAQs, how-to’s and tips? You can also read up more on flavored condoms here – we just can’t stop sharing the good news!


The Good Stuff: Fun Flavors

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For most people the next question after “What are flavored condoms used for?” is, “Well, what flavors are available?” Don’t worry, we’ve been saving that sweet and savory intel for you!

Flavored condoms come in a variety of different flavors and styles, but here at ONE®, we have worked with our team of health experts and scientists to design a wildly unique and wonderful selection of flavored condoms that are safe and effective. We call them our ONE® FlavorWaves™ condoms! And there are a few different flavor profiles, let’s have taste, shall we?

1. Fruity and Fabulous:

Without further ado, let us introduce you to our fruity and fabulous Island Punch and Chocolate Strawberry! You know the feeling you get when you’re in the sun, listening to some great tunes, maybe relaxing at the beach or in the backyard? That’s the vibe that Island Punch creates. And if you have a special occasion where you really want to wow your partner(s) or make a romantic gesture, you will love Chocolate Strawberry to set the mood.


2. Minty Fresh:

Remember the hint we dropped earlier? Yes, that’s right! There are not one but two different minty fresh flavors to choose from. Firstly there’s Fresh Mint – this is the cooling, but still sweet sensation you and your partner(s) are looking for. Then there’s Mint Chocolate. Without enticing you too much, this flavor tastes exactly like you would imagine: the richness of chocolate with the freshness of mint. Yum!


3. The Classics:

Think back to some of the iconic flavors that make your mouth water, or make you recall a fond memory. That’s where flavors like Bubblegum and Banana Split come in. Experience the nostalgic thrill of these sweet classics in your next sexual experience to make new memories!

Sounds pretty delicious, right? Something scrumptious and seductive for your safe sex practices. And the science is pretty cool, too!

FlavorWaves™ condoms are sugar free and do not contain any sweeteners, which could impact pH levels and lead to annoying and unpleasant sexual health outcomes. That’s the kind of statement you can make when your products are FDA approved for safe consumer use.

Now, let us guess your next question…


Where You Can Get Flavored Condoms

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Want to surf the flavor waves with you and your partner(s) and sample some of our enjoyable and effective flavored condoms? For your convenience, you can purchase your very own flavored condoms here on the site! (You can also find helpful reviews there, don’t just take our word for it, there are some very happy customers out there.)

Plus, free shipping on all orders over $15. Talk about sweetening the deal! *wink* They can also be found in most drug stores, pharmacies, sex stores and at sexual health centers like Planned Parenthood.

If you’re looking for a variety pack of sorts to spice your sexual life, we also have custom ONE® condom bundles. See you on the site, and happy sexing!

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