Indigenous Women Rising Tabling at Laguna Feast - ONE®

Indigenous Women Rising Tabling at Laguna Feast

Guest blog post by Rachael Lorenzo, MPA, Indigenous Women Rising

Our event was such a success and that is putting it lightly! Our team at Indigenous Women Rising put four condoms and the directions on condom use in paper bags that we called “snag bags” (Native humor!).  

My husband suggested we put four condoms in a bag because the number four is very significant to our people (four directions, four stages of life, four seasons, etc.). We took bags of condoms, and nearly ran out!

Visitors included the elderly, youth, and everyone in between, taking bags for themselves, their children, grandchildren, and friends. Our team started breaking down the stigma of talking about healthy, safer sex. People told us they hope we show up at another feast day (our Pueblo has six villages and seven feast days), which inspired us to make the rounds throughout New Mexico tribal communities all year with condoms and our message.

We are so grateful to ONE for donating to us and helping us show our people what is possible — and that we are not there to judge, but rather, to educate.  We also garnered interest in the Design Contest, as we have so many talented painters and potters in our community.

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