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It’s Healthy to Talk About Your Sex Life

Here at ONE®, we think talking openly about sex and sexuality is a great thing.  

For a lot of people, sex is an incredibly important part of being a human being. Many of us enjoy it (and it’s okay if you don’t!), and sex can help people feel emotionally fulfilled. Being able to share turn-ons with each other in a safe, respectful environment is a fantastic way to strengthen relationships and increase pleasure for both partners. 

Keeping Things Playful

Much of the current conversation surrounding our sex lives has to do with consent. While that’s an incredibly important area, it’s also important to discuss and explore your own desires — and what your partner might like, too.

Adding a little humor into the conversation can be a great way to start. Maybe you start by talking about the awkward time you fell off the bed, or accidentally poured lube all over the place. And then you can continue and say, "You know what that reminds me I've wanted to talk to you about trying something new." Laughing with (not at) your partner can help make talking about sexual health a lot easier — and fun!

All Kinds of Healthy Benefits

When we honestly share how we truly feel about sex, we’re helping our overall health, too! That can include reduced stress, increased self-esteem, positive relationship experiences, and the amazing hormones that get released during caring sex. You're telling yourself that you deserve to have pleasure — and with a partner that cares about your needs. 

Go Forth and Share

The more open you are about your desires, the better you'll often feel when getting frisky in between the sheets. Even if your partner is not into the same things, you can communicate and talk about mutual desires and what you may want to try together. Maybe it's spanking, a little role play, a new position, trying a glow-in-the-dark condom, measuring, or trying some toys together.

Setting aside time to have this conversation ahead of time (you know, before the sex) is a great way to make space for sharing your desires. If you’re with someone new, talking ahead of time about contraception makes help sure you’re both on the same page.

So why wait? Be open about what turns you on and you’ll reap the rewards when it comes to your own pleasure (and your partner’s too). Mind-blowingly good sex is a prize worth working towards, and you deserve every minute of it!

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