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Get our Lux® Lubricant, Mixed Pleasures™, Vanish®, and Super Sensitive™ Condoms in store today!

Get all the help you need in the pleasure department with our amazing line of sexual health products! From our premium, silicone-based ONE® Lux® Personal Lubricant to our ultra-thin ONE® Vanish® condoms, our super-soft, Super Sensitive™ condoms and our Mixed Pleasures™ variety pack, we have something to safely please just about anyone!

ONE® Lux Personal Lubricant

ONE® Lux® Personal Lubricant can be used for penile and/or vaginal applications and it is designed to lubricate and moisturize your most sensitive areas, for incredible ease and comfort during your intimate sexual activities. This lube is made with the highest quality ingredients, including medical grade silicone that is long-lasting and body friendly. ONE® Lux lubricant is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.

Super Sensitive™ Condoms

Our ONE® Super Sensitive™ condoms are made from exceptionally soft sheer latex and come with 50% more lubricant than our standard condom. This condom was one of the first styles of condom approved for anal sex by the US Food & Drug Administration!

Vanish® Hyperthin® Condoms

ONE® Vanish® Hyperthin® condoms are 25% thinner than our standard condoms and are enhanced with our premium and silicone-based ONE® Lux® Personal Lubricant. This condom style was also one of the first styles FDA approved for anal!

Mixed Pleasures™ Condom Variety Pack

If you like to have a bit more variation on condom choice, our ONE® Mixed Pleasures™ Condom Variety Pack comes with everything you need for an intimate adventure with your partner. 12-pack contains: Vanish® Hyperthin®, Super Studs™, Glowing Pleasures™, Super Sensitive™, Tattoo Touch®, and FlavorWaves™.