Synthetic Division is the music project of Shawn Decker. Inspired by the sounds of 80's electropop groups such as New Order, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran, Synthetic Division keep up with the times by infusing modern sounds into a classic and proven sound. Many issues of life and death come up in Synthetic Division's work, mainly due to Decker's medical resume- at age 11 he was diagnosed with HIV, infected through blood products used to treat his hemophilia. In high school, he met Depeche Mode through the Make-A-Wish Foundation- his dying wish.

Now his true wish has come true: he's making music, educating about HIV prevention and enjoying life. "Things happen to us in life that are out of our control," Shawn explains. "But how we choose to handle those events? That's very much in our control."

Song Album
A Symptom of Life  
Back to Sleep  
So Alive  

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