“Franklin & Vermont” returns to the heartfelt arrangements and honest delivery of Halter's early material, a collection of songs recorded in his bathroom with, as he describes it, “one mic and one love.” The response was tremendous. “To this day, people tell me they love the early recordings for that laid back, raw, acoustic vibe, and I wanted ‘Franklin & Vermont’ to be a studio record with the same soul.” To achieve this, he enlisted engineers Spenser Bishop and Carson Liccardi of MixOne Sound in Mission Viejo, CA, not far from where Halter grew up. There they kept the setting intimate - in addition to his playing most of the instruments on the record, this was also Halter's first self-produced album.

His songwriting for this record maintains that closeness intimacy, being heavily influenced by events in his own life and those of people close to him. The feelings experienced upon losing a loved one inspired “Gone,” and when Halter posted a live performance of this song on YouTube it quickly racked up over 10,000 views in its first week. “I started getting messages from fans saying how much they connected to the song,” he explains. “There is no greater reward.”

It is important to Halter that this record not only connects to the listeners, but helps them connect with each other as well. Catalyzing word of mouth in a digital age and making full use of the opportunities presented by the internet, he has built a fan base that includes over half a million followers on Twitter and the number one spot on Amazon.com for a free mp3 sampler consisting exclusively of Halter’s music.

From his status as a “digital troubadour” Halter had taken social networking off the computer and into the music venue. He encouraged fan connections to the point where they tell him they now hang out together before shows, visit one another on vacation, and meet at music festivals - using their mutual love of Halter’s music as a launching pad to form long-lasting friendships.

Are you looking for love lost? Or are you rejoicing in love found? Either way, the songs of someone who's been where you've been can be heard on “Franklin and Vermont.”

Song Album
Yes I Am Franklin and Vermont
My Heart is With You Starting Over
Different Lives Starting Over
Love, Look at Me Now Congress Hotel
Whisper Congress Hotel
Cyclone Starting Over

Date Time Venue Location