Broken Sons is a young, energetic, four piece alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario. With influences ranging from the Foo Fighters to Incubus to Nine Inch Nails; Broken Sons brings a contagious energy and charisma to every show. With a sense of realness in his writing, 22 year old front man Jay Manara says, “I write the songs for myself and don’t really pay attention to who’s listening ... if other people like the tunes that’s just a bonus”. While incorporating technical musicianship and the beauty of minimalism, Broken Sons focuses on conveying the stories and emotions behind each song. A gimmick free approach allows Broken Sons’ music to speak for itself – “We’re all about the music ... we’re not really too concerned with having a certain look or restraining ourselves in order to fit a specific genre.”

Song Album
In My Head  
Throw It All Away  
The End  

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