ONE Condoms

Submit a condom package design to enter L.A.'s Next Sex Symbol contest.

Be a part of creating L.A.’s very own signature condom.

Your photo or artwork could be chosen as one of our official LA condoms.

Contests News:

Judges Speak Out : How to win the LA-branded Condom design contest

Looking for a leg up on the competition? Here’s what we're looking for…

  • A winning entry is one that can represent the diversity of Los Angeles County
  • We want your L.A. neighborhood represented. What’s the best place to live in L.A. County? Show us: Downtown L.A. & South L.A. to the Valley, the Eastside, the Westside, the Beach cities or your Los Angeles County neighborhood
  • Designs or photos from your local neighborhood (A new L.A. logo or photos of street signs, clever camera angles of buildings or other objects in your ‘hood)
  • Funny, sexy and controversial are great! Just also remember, our goal is to encourage people to USE the condom too!
  • Entries with the ONE logo do not get any special consideration. The ONE logo will already appear on the other side of the condom wrapper. A new L.A. logo is more our style!

Contest Status

May 21st - June 17th:
Submissions and fan favorite voting

June 18th - 20th:
The judging panel chooses their top 50 designs that make it to the final round

June 21st - 26th:
Community can cast their favorite vote to select the winners

June 27th:
We announce the winners


L.A.'s Next Sex Symbol design contest wants you to get involved. The goal is to distribute one million and one of the winning design condoms throughout the Los Angeles area.

Vote for your favorites.

Let us know what you think and rate each design.

The judges TOP 50 with the highest ratings will win.

One grand prize winner, nine runners-up and ten finalists will be selected based on YOUR vote.

Read the official rules & requirements here.