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Design Contest

Do you have what it takes to be a condom wrapper designer? (Yeah, we know it's an unusual gig.)

ONE® Condoms feature more than 200 different designs, with many created or voted on by you, our community. Since the first Design ONE® Contest in 2004, innovative designers have helped push the ONE® brand in exciting new directions, and inspired people to think about condoms in new ways.

Show us what you've got! The cornerstone of a great design is visual impact, and it's your best chance to make an impression. Your visual could be a drawing, a photo, or a graphic design—whatever you think looks best. Finish your design with a witty ONE liner. Some are funny, some inspirational. They usually include the word "ONE." Make sure to check out the sample designs below and read our Rules and Guidelines for complete details.

Sample Condom Wrappers

Previous winner
"Believe in ONE"
Previous winner
"Wild ONE"
Previous winner
"As ONE"
Previous winner
"Two Become ONE"